Courses Learning Outcomes and module information
School For Evangelism and Discipleship

School for Evangelism and Discipleship


Discipling the Christian Life (accredited 18 ECTS but not yet in license) MQF/EQF 3 Christian Service in the Community 

Berean School of the Bible

Ministerial Studies

Undergraduate School of Bible and Theology

Undergraduate Certificate: The Biblical Interpretor Undergraduate Certificate: Christian Counseling Undergraduate Certificate: Christian Missions Undergraduate Certificate : Christian Communicator MQF/EQF 6 B.A. in Bible and Theology B.A. in Christian Education B.A. in Inter-Cultural Studies MQF/EQF 7

Graduate school of Theology

Recognized but not yet on license Graduate Certificate in Education Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Master of Divinity
Further Education MQF 1-4
Higher Education MQF 5-8

Instructors Information

Global Institute of Theology is a distance learning school. However, contact hours are important both for the student and the school. Consequently, we hold non-obligatory classes to our students, one-to-one or as a group. Those students that want to have the EuroPass supplement must need to adhere to this requirement. To accomplish the students’ goals, we have able teachers in several academic ranks, that students can meet in person to help to achieve your educational goals. Students can meet GIT instructors here.